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Quakers invited to make Nobel peace prize nominations

Quakers are making their annual nominations for the Nobel peace prize. Quakers can make a nomination to the Oslo Committee that awards the prize because they were awarded the prize themselves in 1947. The formal nomination is made by the American Friends Service Committee and British Friends are encouraged to join in the process by…


British Quakers share stories of African peace builders

“Someone can’t forgive with a broken heart.  We need first to heal our wounds…Then start the work of peace and reconciliation.” So says Cécile Nyiramana, a peacebuilder from Rwanda at the British Quakers’ engaging exhibition This Light that Pushes Me. Cécile brought together the wives of victims of the Rwandan genocide to meet with the…

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being a Quaker parent

By Craig Barnett (x-posted from Craig’s blog, Transition Quaker) “The best thing about not having children must be that you can carry on thinking of yourself as a nice person.” Fay Weldon Over the last few years as a Woodbrooke Associate Tutor, I have helped to lead a couple of courses on ‘Being a Quaker…

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What does George Fox say?

Earlier this year the Norwegian musician Ylvis released a song The Fox (what does fox say?) Ever since, we’ve all been waiting for who could produce a Quaker version and Ben Guaraldi has finally taken the plunge and uploaded ‘What does George Fox say?’ to Youtube. This version retains the original fast-paced music of the…

A street scene in Geneva where an artist has made a physical light experiment

Podcast #07

This podcast features an interview with Chris Goodchild, author of A Painful Gift: The Journey of a Soul with Autism.   Nayler Podcast 07 by Jez Smith on Mixcloud Listen to the podcast here.  

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Quaker group wins Stonewall award

Stonewall supporters have awarded the Quaker Lesbian & Gay Fellowship (QLGF) the title of community group of the year for their long-standing commitment to equality. At the Stonewall awards ceremony the group was presented with a cheque for £5,000. Paul Campion, a long-standing campaigner who received the award on behalf of QLGF, said “this generous…

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Kindlers’ conference epistle

Epistle from the Kindler’s Conference Held at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham, England 1110-13/10/2013 This weekend, 91 Friends have met at Woodbrooke and sought ways to kindle afresh the Kingdom of Heaven within our Meetings. Does this language resonate for you Friends? Can we at last move beyond the words and really listen to each…


Quakers help launch new ethical money resource

Quakers in Britain and the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) have launched a new website to help ‘individual believers’ and church groups tackle ethical and spiritual decisions about their use of money. The site, Your Faith Your Finance, covers issues such as banking and shopping and uses tools such as case studies and parables…