Council boosts Salter statue campaign

While one London borough is fighting to get rid of a major piece of public art another is offering to match funding to the tune of £50,000 to install a much-loved replacement work. Over in Tower Hamlets, the potential sale of Henry Moore’s ‘Old Flo’ has received significant news coverage. Meanwhile in Southwark the council is offering to match fund a campaign to replace and complete statues of the Salter family, who were Quakers.

The Salter Statues Campaign has also received a significant boost by launching a new website and donation facility. The fund was set up after the statue of Quaker Alfred Salter was stolen from its Thames riverside location in late 2011.

The campaign plans to replace the statue of Alfred and add a new statue of his wife Ada who did much for low income families in the borough of Southwark where they lived. The plans also include putting the statues of their daughter Joyce and their cat back on display, as well as installing high-tech security.

The campaign has set a target of £100,000. Southwark Council has offered to match-fund every pound donated so in fact only £50,000 needs to be raised.

So far over £13,500 has been raised towards the £50,000 total.

To visit the website and learn about the campaign, go to:
To donate money, go to

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