Podcast #8

Welcome to the podcast series from Nayler, from Yearly Meeting Gathering 2011, the annual meeting of Quakers in Britain.

This podcast features an interview with Jennifer Kavanagh who has written a book about simplicity. From the Yearly Meeting Gathering there are three interviews and I hope you enjoy the whole podcast.

Nayler podcasts will continue, so do check out the site for updates.

Thanks for listening.

Click here to listen to podcast #8.

2 thoughts on “Podcast #8

  1. Jez I have been very interested throughout the last week to listen to your podcasts, read the blog and review. They have all been very stimulating and kept me in a little touch with the YMG and people people involved. Thank you very much for doing this.
    I could find nothing seriously interesting on the main Quaker site and was very glad to discover your link to your own. Anne McPhun

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