Quaker Faith & Practice: what do you like?

by Jez Smith

I’d like to compile a celebration of Quaker Faith & Practice on this site to inspire others. What do you like about it? What have you found most inspiring and why? Please comment here. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Quaker Faith & Practice: what do you like?

  1. I like the diversity and resulting feeling of inclusivity in the inspirational chapters. I like the way it offers historical and modern opinions alongside one another. I like the way that our beliefs and values can be seen to permeate our church government (and treasure the bit about gravestones as an example of this). I like the way that it inter-is with BYM, being created by the Meeting and laying out right ordering for the holding of the Meeting. I love ‘Advices and Queries’ especially, although one of my favourite pieces of advice is not in A&Q (it’s “we have to take what we can get”, and is if memory serves in the chapter on Eldership).

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