What does George Fox say?

Earlier this year the Norwegian musician Ylvis released a song The Fox (what does fox say?) Ever since, we’ve all been waiting for who could produce a Quaker version and Ben Guaraldi has finally taken the plunge and uploaded ‘What does George Fox say?’ to Youtube. This version retains the original fast-paced music of the original with a witty and concise explanation of Quakers rolled in. There’s some most peculiar dancing, paying homage to the original song and perhaps to original quaking.

What do you make of it?

One thought on “What does George Fox say?

  1. This song is fabulous. It made me laugh and cry. It made me feel joyful and hopeful about us as Quakers: there’s life and humour in us yet! I also liked the original Ylvis track and I think it carries the same message in a different guise. Hallelujah!

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