Advices & Queries: your stories

“Take heed, dear Friends, to the promptings of love and truth in your hearts. Trust them as the leadings of God whose Light shows us our darkness and brings us to new life.”

At Nayler, we want to publish your stories about Britain Yearly Meeting’s Advices & Queries.

Write about how a particular section has been important to you, had an impact in your life, or challenged you. Have you got a particular anecdote to tell? A funny story or something about how you were moved by your response to the text.

Leave a comment headed ‘not for publication’ and we’ll follow up with you to arrange publication of your article.

Deadline: as soon as possible!

Word limit: 300-2,000 words.

One thought on “Advices & Queries: your stories

  1. I was recently appointed Assistant Clerk to my local Meeting. One of the jobs is to arrange for a Friend to read an Advice or Query (in the latest Book of Discipline they are lumped together) during Meeting for Worship that preceded the local business Meeting, i.e. ten a year. I was handed some sheets on which records had been kept during the past 23 years of the number of the A&Q and the date of previous readings. I set up a table and entered all the data. The most frequently read was number 29; the one about growing old. It transpired that eleven years ago Elders had requested that that one be read once a year.
    I also discovered that during the 23 years Advice 25 had never been read. That is the one about marital difficulties. I wonder if a whole series of assistant clerks have either found it difficult to find a Friend who would be willing to read it, or whether there is a general feeling that it is not a suitable advice. Read it. What do you think?

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