Experiment with Light epistle

Epistle of the Experiment with Light conference, Glenthorne, 13-16 May 2011

To Friends Everywhere,

We have come together to discern how Experiment with Light might be integrated into Britain Yearly Meeting so that it can be supported and further developed, both within Britain Yearly Meeting and beyond.

Experiment with Light is a practice that was developed from early Friends’ writings and that is best summed up in the words of Advices and Queries Number 1: “Take heed, dear Friends, to the promptings of love and truth in your hearts. Trust them as the leadings of God whose Light shows us our darkness and brings us to new life.”

Paying attention to the Light; seeing what it reveals to us; accepting this reality; and acting upon it, are the four cornerstones of Experiment with Light. Rooted in a rediscovery of a process early Friends went through, it can help Friends today to reconnect to the power that inspired 17th century Quakers. Many of us can testify the transformative power Experiment with Light has had and continues to have on our lives.

We sense that Experiment with Light is challenging our widespread reluctance to share our spiritual insights, tendency to hide deep emotions, and avoidance of openly and honestly addressing conflict. We feel that it is necessary to be challenged in this way and that Experiment with Light can help us live fuller and more faithful lives, as well as strengthen the spiritual lives of our Meetings throughout Britain Yearly Meeting and beyond. However, we shall not be afraid of changing our ways if we feel that our structures no longer allow us to grow in the Light.

As individuals, we commit ourselves to put our lives under the guidance of the Light as best we can and to support each other in this endeavour.

As a group, we have trusted the Spirit to reveal to us the best way of structuring and of communicating this ministry. While some questions in this respect still require a fuller answer, we have become clearer about the future direction of Experiment with Light.

We ask Friends everywhere to hold this ministry in the Light.

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  1. Excuse my boldness in referring you to my blog on http://www.quakerquaker.org entitled “Honey In The Wood”; and suggesting that it is as risky to experiment in/with the Light as it(anciently?) was to look on the face of God. I will be holding this endeavor in the Light of Humility and the Truth that we really can’t handle it.

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