Open Wing Trust set for take off

A new trust has opened for business offering people practical support to realise their dreams. Open Wing, which has a majority Quaker board of trustees but is not set up as a Quaker trust, is looking to give small grants to individuals ‘who are taking a financial risk in following their hearts to work with people in need.’

The trust has been inspired by a quote from Joseph Rowntree which states: “there may be no better way of advancing the objects one has at heart than to strengthen the hands of those who are effectively doing the work that needs to be done. Not unfrequently one hears of persons doing excellent work whose service is cramped, or who are in danger of breaking down through anxiety about the means of living.”

The Open Wing Trust is likely to be seen as a trust to enable the enablers. An example of the sort of application they might fund is to give a couple of months’ rent to someone who is finding it hard to make the leap they need to make.

The Open Wing Trust welcomes applications as well as further donations. See for more information.

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