Quaker perspectives on economics

A Quaker conference to consider new approaches to economic systems takes place on Saturday 24/09/2011 at Friends House in London. Organised by Northern Friends Peace Board, Quaker Peace & Social Witness and Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, the press release for the event states:  “Quakers say that we live in a world where people and society are geared to supporting economic systems. Instead they want to build fair economic systems to support people.”

“Economic structures, sustainability and peace are intertwined,” says Helen Drewery for Quakers in Britain.  “We need to find new systems because the global economic system, posited on continued expansion and growth, is often unjust, violent and destructive.”

“Eighteenth century Quaker John Woolman summed up the challenge for us when he said: ‘May we look upon our treasures, the furniture of our houses, and our garments, and try whether the seeds of war have nourishment in these our possessions’.” (Quaker Faith and Practice 23.16).

Meanwhile, a regional newspaper reports that Ann Limb has recently become the chairperson of the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership. In an interview published in the Bicester Advertiser and Review (and headlined “Quaker to lead region’s economic partnership”) the article states:

‘As a Quaker Dr Limb thinks businesses can enhance social wealth and said: “I am 100 per cent behind wealth creation. What really matters is what you do with the money.

“Quaker businesses have a great tradition in this country, the early banks, Clarks Shoes. I am all for making money!”’

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