Quakers & Business speaks to Occupy

Quakers & Business members Paul Gibson and Nick Pyatt will be talking to the Occupy movement in London this Wednesday 14/12/2011 at the Tent City University by the cathedral of saint Paul, from 5pm to 6pm.

Paul and Nick will discuss concerning sustaining and strengthening a non-hierarchical organisation, drawing on their experience of the Quaker Business Method which is non-hierarchical. They will discuss its scalability from two people to thousands and its longevity after 360 years. They will also talk about inclusivity and celebration of diversity and the transition from a space to challenge power to a place of energy for positive action.

They will also make the link with peaceful direct action, celebrating the international Occupy movement and offering the support of Quakers in Britain for Occupy LSX and wider. They will also offer the resources of the Quakers & Business Group to Occupy LSX and wider.

According to his profile as part of the Quaker governance committee for Q Portfolios, an ethical investment vehicle, Nick is “the founder of Flow International Ltd.  He consults on forestry investment in African, Asian and Latin American markets and the development of inclusive businesses in a wider range of sectors where smallholders in developing countries feed into globalised supply chains.  He has worked with NGOs in Uganda, the Sudan and Laos and run consulting companies that have operated in over 53 countries.  He has an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice from the Bath School of Management and is a member of the Quakers and Business Management Committee.”

For more information about Tent City University events see: http://tentcityuniversity.occupylsx.org/?page_id=69.

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