A great people revived

By Don Badgley We few remaining Friends, find ourselves ever more diminished among the world’s myriad faith communities. We are scattered in small pockets around the globe, loosely connected, diverse in background, culture and theology.  Our founders envisioned “a great people to be gathered” and for a brief time it was so.  Yet, today we…

long exposure of two trains on a railway line at night.

‘Whoosh!’ – is British Quakerism ready to take off?

By Craig Barnett Last weekend at Woodbrooke was billed as a ‘threshing event’, exploring the potential for a renewal of the Religious Society of Friends for the 21st Century. It is an initiative of Britain Yearly Meeting’ recording clerk, Paul Parker. Paul has been visiting Meetings throughout the country, gathering a sense of new confidence…

Nayler podcast #13

The thirteenth Nayler podcast is a discussion with Paul Parker about ‘Whoosh!’ and how Quakers in Britain can share their faith vibrantly in the 21st century. Click here to access the podcast. Nayler podcasts are also available on itunes (Nayler’s posterous).