Geoffrey Durham interview

“Then I found myself staring at this Quaker poster in a traffic jam every day for three weeks: ‘Peace is a process to be engaged in, not a state to be reached’. It started to bore into my head, but i was very, very disinclined to talk to anyone who would want to convert me. I didn’t know then that that was the last thing any Quaker would do. Quakers don’t preach, they don’t have all the answers.”

“There’s a moment in Gethsemane which gets me every time. Jesus is in Gethsemane, and he tells them he’s going to pray and they fall asleep, you know the piece. And he asks three times, ‘Couldn’t you even stay awake with me?’ That moment absolutely haunts me. Am I asleep? Should I be more awake? I ask myself that all the time.”

These quotes are from the ‘back page interview’ with Geoffrey Durham, in the Church Times, 11 February 2011. To read the rest of the article you’ll need to buy the paper or an online subscription as it is not available freely.

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